Skyscreamer Open Source


Skyscreamer is an open-source collaborative dedicated to building frameworks for high-performance real-world applications. Anyone with a passion for software is welcome to contribute!

Current Projects

Yoga is a Java-based REST resource query framework. It allows you to add the kind of sophisticated data selectors used by LinkedIn and Google in their API's to an existing JAX-RS or Spring MVC REST server in minutes.

JSONassert extends JUnit to write powerful JSON unit tests in very little code. It is a project we built to support Yoga, but it has become popular in its own right for regressing REST interfaces.

Nevado JMS is a JMS driver for Amazon's queue service. It allows AWS-based applications to leverage SQS with less custom code, and loose coupling to avoid lock-in. Over 80% of the JMS spec is supported, including queues, topics, transactions, and TTLs.

Who We Are

Carter Page is a Technical Lead / Manager at Google. He loves programming and giving back to the technical community.
Corby Page is the founder of ASP Methods and has been programming for the media, energy, and finance worlds for over 20 years.
Solomon Duskis is the founder of Agile Developments in NYC. He has been dedicated to the open source community for years as an author, speaker, and contributor.


This is open source so if you want to help out whether by submitting code, design, suggestions, feedback, or feature requests, we appreciate whatever you can contribute. Contact us at with questions or ideas.